What is Strongroom?

Strongroom is a complete accounts payable and payment automation solution. This software allows Board members to save time verifying purchase orders, invoices and payments to their association vendors.

How will Strongroom work?

Strongroom will work with our current TOPS software. Invoices are sent to Strongroom. Vendors will be paid based on their preferred payment method. For additional information about how PCM will be working with Strongroom, please watch this short video. PCM Engages Strongroom for AP Video

As a Board member how can I receive training on how to use Strongroom?

Strongroom has a training video to help Board members learn how to get started with this system. You can access the video here: Strongroom Board Member Training Video

How do I log into Strongroom?

You can log into Strongroom once you have been registered. As a Board member if you would like access to your invoices, please contact your Community Association Manager. Once you have been activated, you will receive an email to register so that you can login and view your invoices. If you have already registered, you can log into the website here: Log into Strongroom Here

I need more information about Strongroom, what should I do?

Strongroom provides a search feature to answer any additional questions that you may have. You can access this here: Help with Strongroom