Please choose the bank that your Association uses to pay your dues online:

BB&T - Pay online at:

Mail checks with coupons to:

BB&T Association Services

P.O. Box 2914

Largo, FL 33779-2914

Phone: 727-549-1202


Cadence Bank – Pay onlineat:

 Mail checks with coupons to:

Cadence Bank

 c/o Treasure Management Department

P.O. Box 49408

Sarasota, FL 34230-6408

Phone: 877.329.1415


Sabal Palm Bank – Pay onlineat:

Mail checks with coupons to:

Sabal Palm Bank

c/o Association Department

P.O. Box 3769

Sarasota, FL 34230-3769

Phone: 941.806.0434


Stonegatenow Centennial Bank – Pay online at:

Mail checks with coupons to:

Centennial Bank

P.O. Box 30061
Tampa, FL 33630-3061

Phone: 941. 237.2050


You may also pay your dues using Online Dues Payment through Rent Payment

Need Help?   Phone Support

(866) 289-5977

Email Support

Customer Service Hours
5 AM - 7 PM PST Mon - Fri
9 AM - 5 PM PST Sat - Sun

Effective June 17, 2016 Dues Payment will be implementing a percentage-based rate model for card transactions.  The new pricing model will replace the existing flat-fee model and more accurately correlate homeowner-paid service fees to the exact payment amount for card payments.  The new plan will also simplify e-Check pricing and provide a reduced fee for AutoPay, encouraging homeowners to sign up for recurring payments.  


Debit Card:  2.95% of Total Payment Amount
Credit Card:  2.95% of Total Payment Amount
eCheck One Time:  $4.95  
eCheck AutoPay: $3.95 Service Fee

In addition any payment made over the phone with a live client care representative will be charged an additional fee of $9.95.

These charges are generated by Rent Payment and
not Progressive Community Management. 




By Credit Card or Electronic Check
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